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Our Story


The concept of Hiba Life arose from the wisdom of Prophet Muhammad SAW which brought relief to mankind from various illnesses. The Prophetic remedies are preserved to this day for the betterment of mankind. Experts in the field of herbal medicine and pharmacy are making breakthrough discoveries in the wake of Tib-e-Nabvi or the Prophetic Medicine.
Reviving the tradition of Prophetic Medicine, Hiba Life’s product portfolio encompasses remedies aimed at improving health and wellness as well as elevating the self-esteem of individuals through natural and organic products. Tib-e-Navi serves as the guiding light for our research; as we choose from the cream of crop ingredients to emulate the recipe for Prophetic medicine.
Hiba Life’s team comprises of highly qualified and experienced herbalists who assume the responsibility to research and develop products which help people in their daily lives to progress and live up to their maximum potential. At Hiba Life, we believe only a healthy body and mind can conquer the challenges of the world.


Tib-e-Nabvi is the meticulous collection of the sayings and actions of Prophet Muhammad SAW as found in the Quran and the Hadith. This traditional medicine set the foundation for modern medicine and led the way for curing ailments deemed impossible to tackle in the past.

We formulate medicines and supplements with ingredients obtained from the heart of nature that provide health and vitality as well as exceptional anti-oxidant properties. Tib-e-Nabvi welcomes you to live a happy and fulfilled life.