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Premium Injeer Al Asal

Top-Quality Injeer Blessing Hibalife brings to you the premium quality Injeer Blessing right from the farms. These injeer combine the benefits of both figs...
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Premium Sidr Honey

100% Organic Sidr Honey | Beri Ka Shehad  Our Sidr honey is the natural and healthiest way to deal with cough, cold, flu, and...
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Wild Flower Honey

جنگلی پھولوں کا شہدCold extracted 100% organic multifloral honeyTaste and Flavor – Floral aroma, with a light texture and balanced mild finish that varies byseason...
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Wildflower Honey with Bahi

bahi 250gm + wildflower 150gm
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Wildflower Honey with Injeer

Injeer + wildflower 150gm
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Wildflower Honey with Sidr Honey

Sidr 150 + wildflower 250gm
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Rs.888.00 Rs.666.00

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