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Every batch of Honey and our other range of products are independently tested locally by the Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research to ensure that only the best quality reaches your homes.


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How to Control Diabetes?

When an individual has diabetes, either their body does not deliver sufficient insulin, or it cannot use the insulin effectively, so glucose accumulates in the blood. Significant levels of blood glucose can cause a variety of symptoms, from deficiency to coronary diseases.  Read More

Herbal Remedies: The Amazing Health Benefits of Herbs

Herbal remedies and cures that include utilizing the seeds, berries, roots, leaves, bark, or blossoms of a plant for restorative purposes – have been used all around the world for quite a long time. Today, as an ever-increasing number of clinical studies are demonstrating the adequacy of specific herbs, which had once been ignored, science is currently finding as an authentic treatment option for several diseases and problems. Notwithstanding supplements, herbals can be used in teas, colors and dyes, and skin-related medicines. Read More

6 Date Facts You Need to Know

Dates are perhaps the best treat one can ask for, especially in the upcoming Ramadan season, ajwa dates easily become the perfect food to eat and maintain your health. The best dates in Pakistan are famous and in demand due to their exotic taste. Their high sugar substance may make you question whether they are a healthy option or not so here we are, with proven research, benefits, and facts you probably did not know about dates before reading this article. Dates are unquestionably sweet, however, as a natural product, they additionally provide the body with some useful micronutrients and fiber. Read More

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