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Benefits Strengthens nerves. Improves brain function and memory. Relieves brain fag and fatigue. Suggested Use: 5gm (1/2 teaspoon) before breakfast and supper. OR as...
from Rs.150.00 to Rs.500.00

Amrat Dhara

Amrat Dhara is a first aid treatment for various problems with equally good application. It is useful for abdominalgia, vomiting, indigestion, itching, toothache, headache...
Rs.150.00 to Rs.150.00

Surficol Plus Syrup

Surficol Plus syrup reduces cough, irritation, infection and inflammation of throat. It’s Natural ingredients relieves the dryness of bronchial tubes (air passages) and difficulty...
Qarshi Syrups
from Rs.65.00 to Rs.85.00

Qarshi Johar Joshanda

Benefits For flu, cough, cold, catarrh, throat irritation, and fever. Qarshi Johar Joshanda Herbal Tea is simple, and effective yet it imparts freshness, calmness,...
Rs.360.00 to Rs.360.00


Thandak is herbal preparation in powder dosage form for the burning micturition and dysuria. Due to cooling/refrigerant effects and diuretic property of ingredients and...
Rs.165.00 to Rs.165.00

Chamman Russ Gold

Benefits After 30's the absorption of nutrients from food slows down, the human body needs supplementation of essential nutrients with the aging process. Chamman...
Rs.425.00 to Rs.425.00

Chuarqa-240 ML

Product Description Chuarqa is a high-quality natural product made with aqueous distillates of dill, mint, ajwain, and fennel. There may be suspended particles in...
Rs.92.00 to Rs.92.00

Ispaghol Husk-50 Gm

Benefits Relieves constipation. Effective in acidity and dysentery. Effective for reducing cholesterol. Qarshi Ispaghol is a natural fiber that comes from a fine quality...
Rs.185.00 to Rs.185.00

Arq Badian

Arq Gaozuban (Borage water) is a high-quality natural product made with the aqueous distillates of Borage.There may be suspended particles which are active ingredients released...
from Rs.80.00 to Rs.180.00

QR-Khameera Gaozuban

Benefits An effective cardiac and nervine tonic. Useful in relieving perplexity and restlessness. Effective in throat irritation, for common cold and flu. Suggested Use:...
Rs.115.00 to Rs.115.00

Khameera Gaozuban Amberi

Generic herbal tonic that contains valuable ingredients that acts as nervine stimulant & brain tonic, boost vitality & youthful energy for hours without negative...
Rs.450.00 to Rs.450.00


Benefits: Herbal preparation, useful in eliminating unwanted fat and helps to keep the body in shape. Suggested Use: 3-4 tablets three times a day with lukewarm...
PSL Craze Sale'23 Qarshi
Rs.345.00 to Rs.345.00

Arq Shirin

Arq Shirin natural gripe water based on herbal extracts that is given to infant  in colic, gastrointestinal discomfort, teething pain, reflux  and other stomach...
Rs.90.00 to Rs.90.00

Arq Mako

Arq Mako (Mako water/Black nightshade water) is a high quality natural product made with the aqueous distillates of Black Nightshade. There may be suspended...
Rs.160.00 to Rs.160.00

Sandaleen-800 ML

Description: Sharbat-e-Sandaleen is a refreshing treat in the scorching summer heat. Prepared from distillates of Sandalwood, It is a natural product free from artificial flavors. Oppressive...
Qarshi Syrups
Rs.280.00 to Rs.280.00

Sharbat Toot Siah

Sharbat Toot Siah Syrup is effective in pharyngitis, hoarseness of voice and sore throat. It not only contains the extract but fruits pulp in...
Rs.100.00 to Rs.100.00


Product Description: Arq Gaozuban (Borage water) is a high-quality natural product made with the aqueous distillates of Borage.There may be suspended particles in syrup...
Qarshi Syrups
Rs.184.00 to Rs.184.00

Sharbat Anjbar

Sharbat Anjbar is time tested medicinal syrup having anti-hemorrhagic property by its astringent effect.
Rs.160.00 to Rs.160.00

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