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What Is Shilajeet And What Is It Used For?

Shilajeet is a popular herbal medicine. It is a sticky substance found primarily in Himalayan rocks. It develops over decades as a result of the slow decay of plants. It's a safe and effective herbal medicine that can improve your overall health and well-being.

Shilajeet may offer various health benefits when taken correctly. The high content of fulvic and humic acids, as well as multiple minerals, not only strengthens your bones, muscles, and cells but also helps treat infertility problems.

In this blog, we will look closely at the health benefits of Shilajeet. 

Benefits Of Shilajeet

Shilajeet has been used for ages by people all over the world to improve their health. 

Here are the most significant benefits of Shilajeet:

Enhances Male Fertility and Testosterone Levels

Shilajeet has been practiced for years as a male fertility supplement. It improves male fertility and testosterone levels. Testosterone is a primary male sex hormone. These indicators can occur when men have low testosterone levels: 

  • hair loss
  • tiredness
  • low sex drive
  • increased body fat 
  • loss of muscle mass

Shilajeet consumption increases sperm count and motility in men. According to one study, men between the ages of 45 and 55 were given Shilajeet for 90 days. After a period, their total testosterone levels increased tremendously.

Minimizes Joint Pain

As men and women become older, their bone health deteriorates. Osteoarthritis and weak bones first emerge in women in their 20s and 30s. Shilajeet minimizes joint pain and increases calcium absorption which is a common issue among middle-aged men and women.

People's bodies cannot efficiently absorb calcium from their diet as they age. Shilajeet, on the other hand, helps in overcoming this problem. When you take this supplement regularly, your body avoids taking calcium from your bones, and it helps reduce joint pains.

Help To Treat Anemia

The most significant cause of Anemia is iron deficiency. Anemia develops when the blood contains insufficient hemoglobin. It can cause tiredness, headaches, weakness, and irregular heartbeats. Shilajeet can benefit you since it has high levels of iron and humic acid, which will help to stabilize your blood iron levels.

Helps To Build Muscles

Shilajeet may be beneficial in boosting exercise performance. It helps improve fatigue's metabolic features and boosts muscle mass and strength growth.

Improves Cardiovascular Health And Lowers Stress Level

Shilajeet also benefits cardiovascular health by curing heart injuries and lowering cardiac diseases. It regulates blood pressure, breathing rate, and heart rate, which is very important when you are under stress or anxious.

Increases Libido And Endurance

Shilajeet is a traditional medicine for increasing men's libido, endurance, and fertility. It contains powerful antioxidants and minerals that promote sufficient blood flow to the male genitals, which improves sexual function.

Improves Brain Functioning

There are numerous compounds present in Shilajeet that are beneficial to brain function. Shilajeet, according to research, slows the aging process and enhances longevity. It includes Fulvic acid, which reduces the formation of tau (a protein that forms neurofibrillary tangles) and lowers the risk of cognitive issues such as Alzheimer's.

How To Use Shilajeet?

Shilajeet provides various health benefits and is a safe and effective supplement when used correctly. See a doctor about the proper dosage in each case is always preferable.

Shilajeet is available in two variations in the market:

  • Shilajeet Powder
  • Shilajeet Capsules

Shilajeet powder is usually consumed with milk, and if a person takes Shilajeet capsules, two capsules should be taken daily, one in the morning and one in the evening. However, it is best to consult your herbalist to determine the correct form and dosage for you.

If you wish to take benefit of Shilajeet, you can purchase it at the most affordable price from the Hiba Life online store.


Both the holy Quran and Hadiths (Prophetic traditions) refer to honey as a healer of disease. In the Quran we read, "And thy Lord taught the bee to build its cells in hills, on trees and in people’s habitations… there issues from within their bodies a drink of varying colors, wherein is healing for humankind. Verily in this is a Sign for those who give thought.” 



Additionally, in Sahih Bukhari we read that the Prophet, may the mercy and blessings of God be upon him, said: “Honey is a remedy for every illness and the Quran is a remedy for all illness of the mind, therefore I recommend to you both remedies, the Quran and honey.”


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